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At Prima Materia Institute, we believe art is an important factor in everyone’s lives. That’s why our teachers in training have taken on creating a community project that impacts our neighborhoods.

Shelby Marzoni is one of our teachers in training at Prima Materia Institute and jumped head first into the community project by teaching art classes at the Senior Center in Imperial Beach. These aren’t just any old art classes – Shelby plans on teaching those that come into her class how to actually paint. Although it is a pleasant class, it’s not something to simply pass time – you’re going to walk out with new knowledge and a painting. Shelby has already had a great response to her classes with only four classes so far! Shelby’s quirky personality, paired with her witty jokes makes these sessions engaging and definitely entertaining; it’s no wonder more and more people are coming to join the fun. The center has been waiting for someone like her – in class, you’ll hear students say things like “We’re so lucky to have you!” and asking for tips on what to do next with their piece.

Although Shelby is still in training at Prima Materia Institute, everyone at the center respectfully listens to her advice and takes it wholeheartedly, and we know why! Take a look at Shelby’s art, and you’d also like to hear what she has to say. The way Shelby teaches has already influenced the way these new artists ‘see’ – some students have said they’re now looking at things, wondering how they would paint it. That’s a sign that Shelby’s doing it right!

Shelby is a committed volunteer, donating her time to Scripps Memorial, and now the Senior Center in Imperial Beach. Once the talk of a community project came up, Shelby immediately started to take
action. Contracts were signed, supplies were ordered, and class began session. At first, the classes at the senior center were at Shelby’s expense, now it’s covered by the city! Everything has begun to fall into place in a very short amount of time.

Shelby’s life can get busy, between home life, volunteer work and painting in her free time, it goes to show just how important art education is to her. Shelby’s work at the Senior Center is phenomenal – we are so honored to have Shelby apart of the studio and the Teachers Training Program, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.


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