Meet Rachel Williamson, one of our College Portfolio Students.

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Rachel’s portfolio is ready to be seen.

Rachel Williamson is one of our College Portfolio Students that has recently blossomed into an audacious artist. Rachel first came to our studio, comfortable with small paintings – her largest piece was the size of a mere sheet of paper. If you know anything about our studio, it’s that we push artists out of their comfort zone. So, as we do with all of our artists, we told her to go bigger. The shift was like a light switch – all of a sudden, Rachel began painting pieces that rose above everyone’s heads. After a few pieces, Rachel was able to paint huge paintings, lighting fast. Guess how long it takes Rachel to complete a 10 foot painting. About an hour and a half. You may be feeling a sense of dumbfounded disbelief, but not to worry, it happens to all of us. Rachel claims it her short attention span, we claim it’s her new sense of artistic self.

Rachel recently presented part of her portfolio at an art critique, and showcased it in such a way that left the audience amazed. A new series Rachel created is centered around mixed media; old clothes from second hand stores are cut up, glued onto canvas and used as substrate. “Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” The way Rachel beautifully tied science and art was inspiring, and her conceptual idea behind the pieces made her art all the more amazing.

One day, Rachel came to the studio with an ultimatum – start selling art or study at a university. With this in mind, Rachel submitted her work to a contest Scholastic hosted. Rachel submitted to about six different contents and won so many awards, the studio was given an award. Undoubtedly, Rachel’s work went onto the National Competition and won a Silver Metal.

Rachel has evolved into a grandiose artist – unafraid and confident. When we spoke about her dramatic and rapid development as a professional
artist, Rachel gave Prima Materia Institute the credit. “I owe it all to you guys – this place has become my second home.” Although we did give Rachel the support and encouragement she needed to burst into the art world, it was Rachel that took the jump. There are many great artists in the world – but many won’t be known because they aren’t putting their portfolios out there. Rachel is shoving her way through; Rachel’s work is ready to be seen.

All eyes on Rachel.



Also check out Rachel’s Instagram and Her Website: Rachel Williamson Contemporary Art

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