Does someone you know show signs of an artist?

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Are you experiencing symptoms of an artist?

Do you or someone you know exhibit signs of an artist? Sleeping in, feeling like you don’t belong, and spacey or scattered thoughts are all symptoms of an artist. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these, please contact Prima Materia Institute immediately.

We have a fast and simple cure for you – registration at Prima Materia Institute. Half of the classes at the studio begin at 10am – now there’s no reason to sleep in anymore. Our welcoming community will make you feel comfortable and supported in all your artistic endeavors. Your daydreams and thoughts can be expressed in a healthy and creative way. If you or someone you know show signs of an artist, we strongly recommend they try the healing power of art making.

We can also diagnose your conditions – autographobia (fear of signing your own painting) and magnaphobia (fear of creating large pieces), are among the most popular of conditions we diagnose and cure. Many artists come into the studio, not knowing that they have these conditions. Thankfully, Prima Materia Institute can help.

The medicine given by Prima Materia Institute is an all natural remedy of one art class a week. The art classes cause common side effects such as but are not limited to self confidence, empowerment, ability to express yourself without words, better understanding of who you are, realization that you are very talented, community building, ambitious art projects, achievements you didn’t think you could do, a new state of being, and last but not least, a newfound interest in life and what it can offer. This medicine is also good for the community – engaging different backgrounds and ages helps break down generational ad cultural divides.

If you’re interested in tapping into your artistic brilliance, call Prima Materia Institute today.


On a more serious note…

Although this article is on the funny side, we actually mean what we say in this article. At Prima Materia Institute, we truly believe art is healing; it is becoming more popular to find natural remedies in place of medicine. In conjunction, case studies that have been conducted to demonstrate the benefits of creativity show that creativity can contribute to faster healing to trauma or some diseases, better coping to trauma, and a healthier well being in general. We’re talking physical changes in the body, a measurable reaction caused by art – whether it be painting, dancing, or singing. Whatever the art form, it’s all good for you! 

Now, this is not medical advice, there are some things that need antibiotics. However, art making is a remarkable tool to have as a way to relieve stress, to uplift your mood, or to express yourself – which are all important and vital pieces to a happy and healthy life. If you’d like to take a look at some articles about the advantages of being an artist, click the links below.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study to explore the effects of the arts on one’s self.

Read what University of California San Francisco has to say about art and science intermingling.

Operation Oak Tree is a community based art therapy program works with veterans and their families to treat PTSD and more.


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