Why We’re Passionate About Teaching Art

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We’re passionate about teaching art for more reasons than it being fun or cheaper than therapy (as some of our students put it). We believe the teaching of art is the teaching of all things. If you want to understand the world, take art classes. What kind of art classes? Our art classes. Why? Because you learn so much more than just learning how to draw and paint at our studio. As much fun as a sip and paint class is, there isn’t much to it. No shade to the wine and painting classes – it’s fun, and that’s the sole reason for their classes. Our studio’s mission is different. Our mission is to raise art appreciate to the level of literacy.


What does that mean?


We believe art is equally as important as all other subjects. Instead of art being a secondary subject, it should be among the ranks of taking a STEM subject. For that to happen, the way art is taught would have to be dramatically changed – but that’s a discussion for a different day. When you begin to study different aspects of art, say perspective or painting from a live model, you can’t help but slip into the sciences. In perspective, you have to talk about math. When talking about figures, you also talk about anatomy. Color is all about optics. Artists will have breakthroughs in art by addressing what they’re uncomfortable with and doing exercises to get rid of that story, that right there is psychology. Obviously there’s art history, keyword history. Need I say more?

The common denominator in all of this is art. Art unites all the subjects, for example what does geometry and history have to do with each other? Art. There is so much to learn while you’re studying art, yet for some reason people claim art shouldn’t be a primary subject in school. I don’t think the educational system has caught onto this yet. If a child doesn’t enjoy a subject, such as math, introduce perspective to them during art class because it may cause them to take an interest in math. This is among the many practical applications of art. 


It’s almost impossible to resist becoming hungry for knowledge when you’re studying art. At the studio, you’ll hear something that sparks your interest, and you’ll (hopefully) become inclined to do more research on the subject. That’s actually what we hope will come out of our classes, that you are always willing to learn something new. It’s that sense of child like curiosity, where everything is fascinating and you can’t seem to get enough. AND the best thing about studying art is that it’s fun to learn. You get to paint and draw, while simultaneously discovering the world around you. There never seems to be enough time to learn everything, but at least at the studio you can kill two birds with one stone.


Then of course we hear our students say that the Prima Materia Workshop had been the best day of their life, or that they can never get enough of our classes; that’s another reason why we continue to teach as we do. We teach because of you, for those that are willing to learn. For those who are interested in taking not only their art, but themselves to the next level. We thank you for contributing to our mission of raising art to the level of literacy, and we hope you’re having as much fun as we are.

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