What Are MasterClasses?

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Mary Handfelt's and Cindy Qiao's pieces from the Manny Farber MasterClass.

What Are MasterClasses?


MasterClasses are a series of high energy, technique based art classes. We recently launched the idea of technique based classes in order to constantly introduce our artists to new ways of painting. The way to find yourself as an artist is to try on different styles of painting.

What’s The Point of MasterClasses?

The point of MasterClasses is to experiment with new techniques in a regret free environment. We hear, more often than not, that artists don’t want to something new because they don’t want to waste canvas or paints. In order to get rid of that thought, we supply all the materials for these sessions. In MasterClasses, it is your laboratory to experiment. Art making becomes a lot easier and much more fun when you let go of expectations or worries.


The MasterClass Structure and Why


MasterClasses move at an extremely fast pace, beginning with a informational slideshow and ending with a critique, meaning artists are really only given about two hours to finish a painting. Why do we give our artists such little time?

The first, and most important, is to get rid of your internal critic quickly. When you’re trying to finish

painting on a 30x30in canvas in less than three hours, there is no time for thinking. Which is good, because your left brain (AKA our thinking brain) is responsible for your internal critic. If you turn off your left brain, you shut your internal critic up.

Another reason these sessions move at a fast pace is so you can dip your toes into a new technique. MasterClasses introduce you to the idea, while Studio Coaching is where you can develop the idea. MasterClasses weren’t made so artists can make great art quickly (although it happens all the time), it’s to learn new ways of painting that will bring you closer to finding your style. Great art from MasterClasses is just a byproduct of the artist’s ability to let go. That’s why we have MasterClasses and Studio Coaching – they work in tandem, and work together so perfectly.

The last reason is to get you back into your Right Brain way of thinking. Who doesn’t want to be in their Right Brain while in the studio?


Why Is the Prima Materia Workshop A Prerequisite?

To be able to switch to your Right Brain voluntarily, you need to first learn what it’s like to be in your Right Brain. That’s why our artists take the Prima Materia Workshop before taking MasterClasses. If you jump right into MasterClasses, it may be too overwhelming with the loud music, the new technique, and the time limit. We’ve tried it before, and it doesn’t work because it’s not a Left Brain environment. The workshop eases you into getting used to the fast paced world of your Right Brain. Your Right Brain is able to absorb information effortlessly, making it easy to digest new information and apply it to your artwork. Your Right Brain is also void of an internal critic, which is beneficial when painting with a time limit.


If you want to try a bunch of techniques, in a fun environment where you can create a full body of work in a matter of months, then MasterClasses are for you.



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