Prima Materia Institute is an established art school in San Diego, California. We welcome all artistic levels, from absolute beginners to emerging artists, looking for better art training. Our unconventional techniques and highly trained instructors make the studio an inviting and special place to paint. The combination of university-level curriculum, accelerated training, flexible enrollment, and the quality of students art work make Prima Materia Institute one of San Diego’s most progressive art schools. On top of that, we have rolling enrollment – a convenient option for those that enjoy living by their own schedule.


The distinct characteristic of our school is the extraordinary method of teaching with Right-Brain training. We acknowledge every person is different – with that being said, we’ve discovered how to make sure everyone gets the training they need in order to achieve their ambition. If you’re looking for an art school that can deliver, Prima Materia Institute is the place.


One of the greatest feelings in art is when an artist experiences effortlessness in painting and drawing. Coincidentally, we help individuals attain that feeling through the “Prima Materia Workshop”, our proprietary 6-hour immersive transformational workshop. As a result, those that attend this workshop will learn how to paint in only one day and reintroduce their creative side to the world.


Our Portfolio Program is created for artists committed to developing their work. Inside the group classes, our instructors work with each student individually, according to personal goals and learning styles. As a result of the College Portfolio Program, our young and emerging artists become independent artists.

In fact, students can create an admission-ready body of work in less than one year.

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