Get Accepted Into Your Dream Art School!

Our college portfolio program that will have Any artist of Any skill level create a master portfolio that will get them into Any art school!

The Portfolio Mastery Program will have your portfolio ready for submission for your chosen art college regardless of your current skill level. When you complete our program you won’t be competing for schools, schools will be competing for you.

If you’ve been stressed about preparations for art school, then you need to schedule a consultation because it will put together a plan towards success that will set your mind at ease!

  • For any art lover, with a curiosity and desire to find and express her/himself, should check Losina Art Center. No matter where you are with your art skills and confidence,  Olya is there to guide you. She definitely has a unique talent to teach you to 'see',  to observe the world from a different perspective, to help you comprehend what you have not seen before. Pure fun and lots of self discovery through art!

    Daniela H.
  • What makes Olya's approach different is that she not only teaches the artist how to draw and paint but more importantly, how to see. This process has been very enlightening for me as I've begun to peel away the layers of seeing from my conditioned mind to seeing and painting what is actually there. I have witnessed profound artistic breakthroughs in myself and my fellow students. Olya has the gift to hold the space for many to find their true artist's voice. The result is fresh, unique art.  She is a rare teacher and I feel very fortunate to have found her and the Losina community.

    Satya B.

We have a lot of students at Prima Materia Institute and we are running out of space, contact us now before it is too late!

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There’s no catch.  We’re doing this because we are passionate about helping students achieve their artistic goals, and we want to help you accomplish your goals!

Paintings by one of our Portfolio students

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