More Than Just Drawing Classes…

Prima Materia Institute Drawing Classes

Drawing Class Re-imagined

Most drawing classes teach their students to draw by training the hand. This type of training tells students to go through certain motions to create a drawing. This method of learning is difficult at best and boring/tedious at worst. Students will often be overwhelmed  causing them to question their ability to draw. 

The way we teach art here is not based on training the hand, rather we teach you to see like an artist. This method of teaching is based on 35 years of in classroom teaching on top of a 5 years of study under the direct tutoring of 5 top contemporary artists from the soviet empire.

It all Starts With Seeing

We believe your ability to draw is based on your ability to see. Our method of teaching is inclusive and fit for total beginners, professional artists, and everyone in between. The Studio Intro package serves as a foundation for artists to begin their artistic journey. For complete beginners, the Studio Intro package will introduce you to all the fundamentals of drawing.  For those that have background in drawing, these two classes will teach you how to see differently, as well as introduce new aspects of drawing, only discoverable through conversation.

Create a drawing that will surprise you

You will learn techniques of shading, composition, negative and positive shapes, tonal value, and much more. You will gain the tools and knowledge to be able to draw anything you want.

Sketch of books

Dispel The Myth That You Can’t Draw

Everyone has the ability to draw, and in these two classes, you will catch a glimpse of your artistic capability. Once you complete both drawing classes you will see that your goal of becoming an artist is closer than you think.

Expand Your Artistic Horizon

By learning to see like an artist you will redefine what you thought was possible. You will be able to apply the tools you gain in these classes to all of your future works giving you a new sense of artistic freedom.

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