More Than Just Drawing Classes…

Prima Materia Institute Drawing Classes

It all Starts With Seeing

We believe your ability to draw is based on your ability to see. Our method of teaching is inclusive and is fit for total beginners, professional artists, and everyone in between. The Studio Intro package serves as a foundation for artists to begin their artistic journey. For complete beginners, the Studio Intro package will introduce to you all the fundamentals of drawing in two drawing classes.  For those that have background in drawing, these two classes will teach you how to see differently, as well as introduce new aspects of drawing, only discoverable through conversation.

We’ll teach you how to see and think like an artist. After the Studio Intro, your curiosity for the world around you will be ignited again, just as it was when you were a child. See the world newly and learn to trust your eyes and hand, without interruption from your brain. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Join the conversation.

Create a drawing similar to that of the Old Masters

Even if you have never drawn before

These classes will teach you the fundamentals of drawing, and begin your journey as the unique artist you are. Learn the secrets of the Old Masters of shading techniques, composition, the use of negative and positive shapes, tonal value, and much more. In only 6 hours (two class sessions), you will have the tools and knowledge to be able to draw anything you want. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your first Studio Intro class today!

Prima Materia Drawing Classes


  • For any art lover, with a curiosity and desire to find and express her/himself, should check Losina Art Center. No matter where you are with your art skills and confidence,  Olya is there to guide you. She definitely has a unique talent to teach you to 'see',  to observe the world from a different perspective, to help you comprehend what you have not seen before. Pure fun and lots of self discovery through art!

    Daniela H.
  • I feel like in two days of art classes, I have improved more than I have in years sitting down trying to draw at home. In these two days of having an instructor I feel miles ahead of where I would have been.

  • After 20-plus years of "taking classes" at various places-- where you follow instructions, step-by-step, to reproduce the teacher's work--I have finally found what I'm looking for.  Prima Materia is all about bringing out YOUR artist.

    Mary H.
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