What are the Studio intro Classes?

Get ready to learn how to draw in just two classes! In the Studio Intro Classes, you will be guided through the fundamentals of drawing. You will understand the principles of rendering form, space, light, and shadow in the style of the Old Masters. You will begin to see like an artist.

Our skilled instructors will guide you through several exercises related to drawing; if you have never drawn before, our instructors will take you step-by-step through the process of drawing. The techniques you learn in these classes are yours forever – we encourage you to take notes and pictures during class. You will find that your artistic potential can be brought out in only six hours, with the Studio Intro Classes

These two engaging classes are highly immersive, and the instructor will give individualized attention to you as you go through the processes. We know all artists are different – that’s why we have introduced the Studio Intro Package. Not only is it to help you gain more knowledge, it’s to help our instructors get to know you as an artist.


But don’t take our word for it, read what our students are saying.


“What makes [the instructor’s] approach different is that she not only teaches the artist how to draw and paint but more importantly, how to see. This process has been very enlightening for me as I’ve begun to peel away the layers of seeing from my conditioned mind to seeing and painting what is actually there. I have witnessed profound artistic breakthroughs in myself and my fellow students.”

-Satya B.

Learn to Draw

Learn to draw Like a Master!

Learn the Fundamentals of drawing in only two classes!


  • For any art lover, with a curiosity and desire to find and express her/himself, should check Losina Art Center. No matter where you are with your art skills and confidence,  Olya is there to guide you. She definitely has a unique talent to teach you to 'see',  to observe the world from a different perspective, to help you comprehend what you have not seen before. Pure fun and lots of self discovery through art!

    Daniela H.

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