Experience the Joy that Painting Can Be

You know painting is fun, but did you know painting is easy? We’ll guide you through hands-on projects and help you to switch to your Right Brain, responsible for effortless creativity. This painting workshop focuses on the pursuit of raw talent using right-brain learning. Brilliance begins with this 1-day event!

Made for the Absolute Beginner

Prima Materia Students

Even if you have never painted before, you will learn several painting techniques and paint ten  different paintings, guided by a skillful instructor.

A mother and her daughter with two paintings they created using techniques from the Learn to Paint in 1 Day Workshop.

Know how to paint for life

The 10 techniques you learn in this painting workshop are techniques real artists use. You’ll be able to apply what you learn to future paintings – many of our artists utilize what they discovered in the workshop for other classes, such as MasterClasses. The two artists in the photo painted these landscapes with techniques they gained in the Learn to Paint in 1 Day Workshop.

Prima Materia Workshop Benefits:

– Boost Your Creativity
– Learn to See Like an Artist
– Learn to Paint at an Accelerated Rate
– Discover the Joy of Painting

Just Bring an Open Mind!

All materials are provided. Come prepared for an amazing experience. Imagine the whole day without an internal critic and in the creative mode of the Right Brain. In this Prima Materia Workshop, you’ll find your natural artistic ability, that will be with you forever.

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