What are MasterClasses?

MasterClasses are 3-hour, high energy sessions that explore a variety of techniques. Each MasterClass is dedicated to one technique; begin with an informative slideshow about the technique and the artists that practiced it, then move on to painting. Conclude the class with an art critique of everyone’s pieces and discuss what you learned.

In MasterClasses, you will create a unique painting, true to your artistic voice. We invite you to bring in your own photos that relates to the class to work from!

Despite its name, one does not have to be a master to take a Masterclass. The goal of the series is to build upon the skills to become a master. It is recommended that artists participate in the Prima Materia Workshop, however it is not required.

MasterClasses are based on Right-brain painting techniques. Utilizing this capacity of the right brain – to learn exponentially faster, each MasterClass has one project based on a specific technique for 3 hours. MasterClasses will help you gain full awareness of your artistic uniqueness and confidence in your talent. You will be guided by skillful teachers specially trained to teach the Prima Materia system, and with just a few MasterClasses, you will begin to expand your artistic arsenal. MasterClass projects range from drawing basics to Impressionism, to portraits, to creating abstracts. Our classes do not divide beginners and experienced artists; a true artist who sees everything newly, is always a beginner!


Below are a few of the many ongoing classes that we offer.


Paint with negative shapes

Learn about composition

Utilize the Renaissance technique of underpaintings


Effortless creation

Explore freedom with abstract painting. Experience what freedom feels like with abstracts and textures.

An opportunity to explore the interplay of texture, line, form, and color in the creation of expressive abstract art.


Learn from Andy Warhol, a contemporary master

Explore your own ways with neon colors

Discover unique color harmonies


Paint nature’s perfect imperfections

Explore a variety of brushstroke applications

Break away from painting what you know, and instead paint what you see


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