What are MasterClasses?

MasterClasses are 3-hour, high energy, project based sessions that build upon the neural connections created in the Prima Materia Workshop of having access to one’s raw talent established in the intensive.

Despite its name, one does not have to be a master to take a Masterclass. The goal of the series is to build upon the skills to become a master. In essence, learners become more well-versed in harnessing their abilities in the way that a maestro conducts an orchestra. The more one takes Masterclasses, the more mastery you have over your own potential.
It is recommended that the first MasterClass be attended within 2-3 weeks of attending the Prima Materia Workshop.

MasterClasses are not “classes for masters”, they are the opportunity for everyone who completed Prima Materia to experience their full potential, now fully awakened. MasterClasses are your next step after Prima Materia workshop and also based on the Right-brain painting techniques. After your inborn talent (that you have always had) has been activated, your pace of absorbing new information is like that of a young child. The typical resistance to unfamiliar activities is lifted, your mind is hungry for learning and craves artistic challenges – you begin to experience joy and enlightenment.

Utilizing this capacity of the right brain – to learn exponentially faster, each MasterClass provides one new technique and a project to be completed in 3 hours. MasterClasses will help you gain full awareness of your artistic uniqueness and confidence in your talent. You will enjoy being guided by skillful teachers specially trained to teach the Prima Materia system, and with just a few MasterClasses start expanding your artistic arsenal. MasterClass projects range from drawing basics to Impressionism, to portraits, to creating abstracts, and what may seem counterintuitive is that these classes do not divide beginners and experienced artists. A true artist who sees everything newly, is always a beginner!


Below are a few of the many ongoing MasterClasses classes that we offer.

O’Keeffe painted her flowers oversized – at the time when she lived and worked, that was quite innovative. Even today, 80 years later, her paintings are still inspiring to us – her close-ups of flowers painted “from a point of view of a bee”. You will create huge blossoms in beautiful color on canvas. This project is especially exciting because our flower paintings are completed in 3 hours! All materials are provided.

Abstract art is about freedom of self-expression. In abstraction, there is no such thing as “I don’t know” or “I can’t”. The freedom it offers is infinite. If you want to explore contemporary art in the playful mode of the right brain, you will find this MasterClass inspiring and endlessly fascinating. And you will actually learn a lot! You will apply the 5 special techniques of making texture and create a large painting for your walls. All materials are provided, so you can just focus on being there, having good time, and making cool art. Have your phone photo camera ready, and you will be able to post your piece for your friends to see.


Effortless creation

Explore freedom with abstract painting. Experience what freedom feels like with abstracts and textures.

An opportunity to explore the interplay of texture, line, form, and color in the creation of expressive abstract art.

Create a colorful portrait from a photo-gallery of famous people. Andy Warhol’s technique was based on silkscreening photographs of celebrities onto canvas using colors not always realistic. When we think of his art, we envision faces with the features slightly ambiguous, fragmented, but intense and memorable. Learn from this contemporary master and explore your own ways with color.
Portraits of celebrities and their glamorous carelessness come to mind when we think of Warhol, and so our objective in this MasterClass – to examine the classy contemporary portraiture and create similarly effortless “icons of the 20th century”. This MasterClass will show the beginner that this technique is as easy and elegant as making the colored underpaintings was in the “Learn to Paint” workshop.  

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