Prima Materia Workshop

What is the Prima Materia Workshop

The Prima Materia Workshop is an all day painting workshop that focuses on the pursuit of raw talent using the Losina Method. All doors to brilliance open with this one-day workshop that uses painting as the key. 

This workshop is beneficial to artists and non-artists alike. The Prima Materia Workshop is a great way for artists to get through artists block, learn new ways to paint,  and to experience what painting from the Right-Brain is like. For non-artists (AKA artists-to-be), the takeaways are similar; however you’ll also learn how to paint in only one day. We believe everyone is an artist, all you need is a catalyst to awaken your creative voice.

Skip the years of training, jump start your journey to becoming a true artist with this workshop!

Prima Materia Painting Workshop

Painting Workshop Activities

Prima Materia Painting Workshop

In the painting workshop, you will create 10 different paintings, all varying in technique and subject matter. Learn how to paint figures, landscapes, still lifes and more – even if you’ve never painted before! Our trained instructors will lead you through the exercises, giving you the ability to let your artistic voice show through. We believe every artist is distinct and special, and through this workshop, you’ll experience it for yourself. Although everyone will do the same project, your painting will have a character of its own because you painted it.

Workshop Schedule

Painting Workshop Schedule

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You will walk away with the foundations in place to be able to continue functioning from this state. Once activated, your “inner child” is free and wants to learn and create; you can continue creating from the Right-Brain in MasterClasses, an exclusive set of classes offered only to Prima Materia Workshop graduates.

You’ll discover how easy painting is, and that you are a unique and talented artist. Switch to your Right-Brain and create beautiful paintings effortlessly. The workshop acts to disarm the “guards” standing in front of raw talent. The creative exercises throughout the day begins the connection of neural pathways that allows you to have access to parts of the brain not normally used in daily lives.


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