What is the Prima Materia Workshop?

The Prima Materia Workshop is a painting workshop that focuses on the pursuit of raw talent using right-brain learning.

All roads to brilliance begin with this one-day intensive that uses painting as a tool. It is a transformation immersion that disarms the guards standing in front of raw talent. The creative exercises throughout the day begins the connection of neural pathways that allows an individual to have access to parts of the brain not normally used in daily lives.

Learners walk away with the foundations in place to be able to continue functioning from this state. After this painting workshop has awakened your artistic potential the benefits are for life, they never go away. Once activated, your “inner child” is free and wants to learn and create. When you allow yourself to explore that freedom, you begin to experience life fully – in the way you make decisions, see opportunities, restore relationships, appreciate others, become open to seeing other people’s uniqueness. Discovering the artist within may cause changes in all areas of your life: work, business, relationships, and recreation, but most importantly you begin to understand who you are and what your mission is.

Prima Materia Workshop
Prima Materia Workshop

Jump Start Your Artistic Journey

Enroll in the Prima Materia Workshop and Unleash Your Artistic Potential!

Come face to face with your raw talent in this class. Upon completion of the Intensive, you will be equipped to enter the Maestro Series (regardless of whether you think you are ready or not).

Rate: $297 / Repeat $97

*We know this Intensive is a very enjoyable course, repeat attendees rate is $97.

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