Prima Materia Workshop

Join the Next Generation of Artists

Learn to Paint in less than one day during the Prima Materia Workshop. In only 6 hours, you’ll paint 10 unique paintings, focusing on multiple subjects using different techniques. How is that possible? Through Right-Brain learning.

Learn to Paint With Ease

Imagine yourself in an art studio, paintbrush in hand, painting seascapes, landscapes, figures and still lifes with ease. The only thing you’re aware of is the smile on your face as your brush dances from one side of your substrate to the other, creating a work of art before very eyes. No internal critic, no overthinking or negative thoughts, just you and your masterpiece in the making.

Prima Materia Workshop Benefits:

  • Freedom in Self Expression

  • New Appreciation for Creative Self

  • Internal Critic Goes Away

  • Learn to Paint

No Worries, Just Painting

Don’t worry about the materials or the subject matter because we have you covered. Using techniques that give you access to the power of your Right Brain, you will be able to create a landscape without even knowing how to paint. In the Prima Materia Workshop, you’ll learn how easy and simple painting is. You had this artistic brilliance in you all along, you simply needed a catalyst – that’s what the Prima Materia Workshop is.


  • I've taken art classes at other places before, but this is the first time things have been explained so that I understand them AND can go home and duplicate the project without guidance.

    Marcia B.
    Marcia B.
  • Highly recommended for all! You will discover the inner artist within you. They have a unique way of teaching that allows for creativity, energy and fun! There is no judgment and everyone creates a masterpiece. Take a friend or go alone - you won't regret it!

    Nicole N.
    Nicole N.
  • A great place to start, restart or continue your creative life. It's been such a great experience learning from world class teachers without the hassle of having to go to a traditional school. Its all about tapping into your brilliance and they are great at pulling this out of anyone.

    Allyn P.
    Allyn P.

Find out how easy painting is and what a brilliant artist you are!

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