Prima Materia Workshop

Experience the Joy of Painting

 learn to paint Imagine yourself in an art studio, paintbrush in hand, painting seascapes, landscapes, figures and still lifes with ease. The only thing you’re aware of is the smile on your face as your brush dances from one side of your canvas to the other, creating a work of art before very eyes. No internal critic, no overthinking or negative thoughts, just you and your masterpiece in the making…

Artist with Brush

Discover Your Unique Style

Prima Materia Students

Get excited about painting again while you learn the necessary techniques to overcome any doubt you may have had about your artistic ability in the past. With each painting you create our instructors will lead you in the right direction while still giving you the freedom to create a painting that showcases your unique artistic style.

See the World Differently

When we say that we teach you to see like an artist we mean it. See the world in a different light, as we reignite the childlike curiosity that is in us all. Once you learn to see like an artist,  artistic creation comes naturally.

Prima Materia Workshop Benefits:

  • Boost Your Creativity

  • Learn to See Like an Artist

  • Learn to Paint at an accelerated rate

  • Discover the joy of Painting

No Worries, Just Painting

Don’t worry about the materials or the subject matter, all materials are provided. Using techniques that give you access to the power of your Right Brain, you will be able to create a landscape without even knowing how to paint. In the Prima Materia Workshop, you’ll learn how easy and simple painting is. You had this artistic brilliance in you all along, you simply needed a catalyst – that’s what the Prima Materia Workshop is.

Jumpstart your Artistic Journey

Prima Materia Workshop Projects

In the painting workshop, you will create 10 different paintings, all varying in technique and subject matter. Learn how to paint figures, landscapes, still lifes and more – even if you’ve never painted before! Our trained instructors will lead you through the exercises, giving you the ability to let your artistic voice show through. We believe every artist is distinct and special, and through this workshop, you’ll experience it for yourself. Although everyone will do the same project, your painting will have a character of its own because you painted it.

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