Learn to Paint Fast

Paint a piece in 3 hours, from start to finish. Learn how to create fast and effortlessly and develop a body of work in no time!


Get a head start by participating in the Learn to Paint in 1 Day Workshop; discover how to paint without your internal critic and paint 10 different paintings, using techniques professional artists use. The techniques you learn in the Learn to Paint Workshop will help you in ArtLab.


Single Class – $65

4 Class Membership – $240/month

Unlimited Membership – $500/month

Contracts available – Email to learn how much you can save with contracts


Painting techniques for beginner artists

Student Works


Paint with negative shapes

Learn about composition

Utilize the Renaissance technique of underpaintings

Abstract Art Piece


Experience effortless creation

Explore what freedom feels like

An opportunity to discover the interplay of texture, line, form, and color in the creation of expressive abstract art


Learn to paint portraits through a fun technique

Explore your own ways with neon colors

Discover unique color harmonies


Paint nature’s perfect imperfections

Explore a variety of brushstroke applications

Break away from painting what you know, and instead paint what you see


Immortalize your furry family members

Learn how to paint fur

Enjoy creating a piece that has sentimental value

Create a painting or drawing that is true to your personal style, instead of painting the same thing as everyone else. ArtLabs will help you gain full awareness of your artistic uniqueness and confidence in your talent. 


Mondays, 6:00pm – 7:30pm Pacific Time
Join anytime


$35 per class
or included in all memberships: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

– Receive photo references
– Watch instructor demo
– See what other student’s are creating in class
– Ask questions & receive instructor critiques in real time

ArtLabs are 1.5 hour online painting classes that focus on an artist or technique using Right-brain painting methods. Each ArtLab begins with an information slideshow and lecture before you begin painting or drawing. All levels are welcome because you’ll get personalized feedback depending on what you need to improve.

ArtLabs range from drawing fundamentals to pet portraits, to creating abstracts. New ArtLabs for beginners and aspiring artists are introduced each month.

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  • I see that ArtLabs are usually two parts – what if I miss the first part?

It’s recommended that you attend the first session, however if you have to miss it, you can join in the second session. The instructor will review the technique with a slideshow to catch you up. If you have additional questions, you will have the opportunity to ask in real time.

  • What supplies will I need?

Supplies differ depending on the class. The supplies is listed in the class description (which you’ll find if you go to our schedule and click on the class you’re registered for.) You’ll also receive an email with the supplies you need. 

  • What if I don’t have the exact supplies listed?

We understand that some will not have every medium, that’s why we’ve developed techniques that work no matter what medium you’re using. If the class supplies are acrylic, you can usually substitute it for gouache, watercolors, or tempera. Feel free to email us at hello@primamateriainstitute.com or call 619-630-9278 to ask what substitutes work for the technique.

  • I am a Member or a Portfolio student, do I have to pay extra?

For members and Portfolio students, you can take ArtLabs as a part of your membership for no additional cost. 

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