Tonal Value’s Importance in Art

The Importance of Tonal Value At first glance, the concept of tonal value may seem “vague and insignificant”; but it is one of the most important concepts in art. It seems easy, but it is [...]


How To Look at Art in a Museum

HOW TO LOOK AT ART in a museum and have a meaningful experience – for art lovers, art students, and beginner artists. No matter the art you do – contemporary, abstract, mixed media, [...]


Art Supplies For New Artists

Every artist knows what temptation lies ahead when they visit an art store. Like a kid in a candy store, there are goodies everywhere. Some new artists will walk in, not knowing what art supplies [...]


Become a Better Artist By Challenging Yourself.

How To Have a Break Through in Art In the most recent MasterClass, Painting Water, artists that participated had breakthroughs with their perception on their art making abilities. Not only did [...]


How To Build an Impressive Art Portfolio

How can you stand out among tens of thousands of applicants? It seems impossible with the sea of college students, all hoping to be accepted to the same school with a limited amount of spots. One [...]

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