These programs are structured courses that will take your artistic skills to the next level. Whether that be understanding the core principles of drawing, building an impressive portfolio, or learning to teach art effectively. 

College Portfolio Program

Dramatically improve your artistic skills while you craft an amazing portfolio. 100% customized to you and with an acceptance rate of over 90%, our College Portfolio Program will help you build the portfolio you need for the college you want.

Foundation Drawing Courses

Learn the drawing fundamentals in this 8 week course. Cover the essentials to learning how to draw anything you want, such as composition, proportion, tonal values, and shading. Shift your perception of drawing from “I can’t” to “I can”.

Course Coming Soon

Teacher Training Program

develop the skills you need to teach anyone how to become an artist. Receive coaching from Olya Losina, the creator and developer of the Right-Brain Training program.

Course Coming Soon

Professional Portfolio Program

Build a portfolio that will be gallery ready. The Professional Portfolio Program will teach you how to create impressive pieces that will catch the public’s attention. Refine your style, voice, and ideas to create a cohesive and powerful body of work.

Not looking for educational courses? Check out our recreation programs

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