ArtLab presents Extended Workshops

Create a refined work of art in Extended ArtLab Workshops. These workshops range from three to four weeks, depending on the technique. Take your time to create a developed and complete piece.

We reformatted ArtLab on Mondays in order to give artists ample time to experiment with techniques that require more than three hours, or an opportunity work on large scale. For artists of all levels!


Want something faster?

Try our ArtLabs on Sundays. They are independent, standalone classes that are quick and fun!

Student Works

Mary Handfelt's and Cindy Qiao's pieces from the Manny Farber MasterClass.


Tell your story through objects

Learn to paint with a palette knife

Paint from observation


Work on large scale

Learn accurate proportions of people

Create a tonal drawing in monochrome

Want to join?

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Upcoming Workshops For Artists of All Levels

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