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Benefits of the Prima Materia Workshop

  • Revitalize yourself

  • Rediscover that child-like wonder that you thought disappeared

  • Gain new purpose

  • Develop a fulfilling hobby

  • See the world differently

  • Experience something you’ve never experienced before

$50 OFF


Ready to start a new chapter in your life?

Join a welcoming community of like-minded individuals, in a creative and refreshing environment. 

What our students have to say about the Prima Materia Workshop:


  • For any art lover, with a curiosity and desire to find and express her/himself, should check Losina Art Center. No matter where you are with your art skills and confidence,  Olya is there to guide you. She definitely has a unique talent to teach you to 'see',  to observe the world from a different perspective, to help you comprehend what you have not seen before. Pure fun and lots of self discovery through art!

    Daniela H.
  • What makes Olya's approach different is that she not only teaches the artist how to draw and paint but more importantly, how to see. This process has been very enlightening for me as I've begun to peel away the layers of seeing from my conditioned mind to seeing and painting what is actually there. I have witnessed profound artistic breakthroughs in myself and my fellow students. Olya has the gift to hold the space for many to find their true artist's voice. The result is fresh, unique art.  She is a rare teacher and I feel very fortunate to have found her and the Losina community.

    Satya B.
  • I feel like in two days of art classes, I have improved more than I have in years sitting down trying to draw at home. In these two days of having an instructor I feel miles ahead of where I would have been.

  • After 20-plus years of "taking classes" at various places-- where you follow instructions, step-by-step, to reproduce the teacher's work--I have finally found what I'm looking for.  Prima Materia is all about bringing out YOUR artist.

    Mary H.
  • On my first time visiting, I could not believe how I loved the space. The art on the wall and the size seems perfect for me. I can't believe how I've grown since starting at the end of June. Olya is a remarkable teacher. She has a way with getting me to my creative side of my brain.

    Iz M.
  • I've taken art classes at other places before, but this is the first time things have been explained so that I understand them AND can go home and duplicate the project without guidance.

    Marcia B.
    Marcia B.
  • Highly recommended for all! You will discover the inner artist within you. They have a unique way of teaching that allows for creativity, energy and fun! There is no judgment and everyone creates a masterpiece. Take a friend or go alone - you won't regret it!

    Nicole N.
    Nicole N.
  • After 20-plus years of "taking classes" at various places-- where you follow instructions, step-by-step, to reproduce the teacher's work--I have finally found what I'm looking for.  Prima Materia is all about bringing out YOUR artist.  They do it by teaching you to use the right side of your brain.  Had not realized how analytically I have approached every art project I've ever done until the teachers at Prima Materia got the creative juices going by presenting a concept, an artist, and a technique, and then turning UP the MUSIC and turning the students loose!  I actually got in the zone and produced something that surprised even me.  In fact, that has happened at every class I have taken, so far.  Honestly, I'm so happy when I'm there and I just sit in my car afterward and smile.  I'm learning about great artists, and color, and perspective, and composition, and my own artistic style and ability.  Who knew but I might be a contemporary artist.  (I always thought I was into realism.)  Bottom line, if you are ready to find YOUR inner artist this is the place to do it. Get ready for an amazing experience.

    Mary H.
    Mary H.
  • A great place to start, restart or continue your creative life. It's been such a great experience learning from world class teachers without the hassle of having to go to a traditional school. Its all about tapping into your brilliance and they are great at pulling this out of anyone.

    Allyn P.
    Allyn P.
  • I found Losina Art Center via a google when I was searching for Art Schools here in San Diego that might be able to help my teen-aged daughter with an art school portfolio.  Olya, the art instructor at Losina met with us and didn't just immediately accept her.  While a client might be able to come in for some lessons, the College Art School Portfolio Prep Course requires a lot of time and dedication that not all students, especially a young teenager might have.  She didn't want to just take our money- she wanted to be sure that my daughter was determined to become a better artist and would put in the time required.  She reviewed her sketchpads so far, and only when she saw how my daughter had a breadth of work that showed improvement over time, did she then accept her into the course. That was almost a year ago.  Now, my daughter is such a vastly improved artist that her portfolio has already had interest from 3 different art schools- one of which is in the top 10 art schools in the country (whose advisor said her portfolio was as good as any of the ones that earned admission last year.)  Both my daughter and her art have matured, and each show a level of confidence and talent that has only blossomed under Olya's teaching.  I would highly recommend Losina Art Center to anyone wanting to become a professional artist, or someone just wanting to learn to paint.  She is amazing and I'm so glad we entrusted my daughter to her.

    Tom D.
    Tom D.

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