Urban Sketching
6-Week Course

Part 2


1. Olay Losina

2. Valentina Castello

3. Paul Collins

4. Rembrandt

5. Vincent van Gogh

How to continue the studies from class. Finish these studies before next week’s class.

1. The first drawing is about sketching the outlines of the buildings with pen. Once you’re done adding windows, doors, sidewalks, street lights, etc., you’re ready to add washes to the sky.
It is up to you how dark or light to make the wash. You can either create the tonality you want immediately (called direct mixing) or you can create the tonality by starting with a light layer of wash and then adding more layers to make it darker. For this technique, you’ll want the previous layer to be dry before adding more layers.

2. The second drawing (with the Russian street) is done with the same steps, however you’ll add the washes to the buildings rather than the sky. Keep the sky the while paper and add washes to the buildings. Mind which buildings are lighter versus which buildings are darker and add the washes accordingly.

3. Begin the third drawing (Russian buildings with greenery) the same as the first two drawings: by outlining the edges of the buildings and plants with a pen. Add tonalities by means of washes. Create the three-dimensionality by painting shadows with washes.


  • Finding the eye level (horizon line) and the line of vision will help you find the vanishing point, and visa versa. Finding the vanishing point will help you find the eye level and line of vision. It’s all connected!
  • Enjoy creating your pieces. These are studies – not drawings and not works of art. It’s practice to help you become comfortable with these new mediums. Let go of perfection and accuracy and have fun! You’ll see as soon as you’re okay with making mistakes, art will become a lot more fun and effortless. It all starts with giving yourself permission to make mistakes, because this is how you grow and become a better artist.


I can’t wait to see what you create!


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