Week 3

Tips on how to see tone

  1. Squint
  2. Wear red lensed glasses
  3. Take a photo of your painting with a black and white filter
  4. Look at your art in a darkened room
  5. View your painting from a distance

Week 1

Bouguereau’s full palette

  • White lead (Silver White) Lead carbonate 
  • Ivory Black Charred Ivory 
  • Minium Lead 
  • Vermilion Mercuric sulphide 
  • Brown Madder Iron (charred) 
  • Cassius Red Tin bioxide and gold protoxide 
  • Iodine Scarlet (English) Mercuric iodine 
  • Purple Red Mercuric chromate 
  • Madder Lake [preparatation from madder root] 
  • Mineral Yellow (Paris) Oxi-chloride of lead 
  • Charred Massicot Lead bioxide and protoxide 
  • Minium, orange Charred ceruse (lead) 
  • Chrome Lead Chromate 
  • Orpiment (King’s Yellow) Arsenic sulphide or yellow sulphide of arsenic 
  • Naples Yellow Lead oxide and antimony 
  • Ochre Hydrated ferric oxide 
  • Indian Yellow [precipitated urine of caged cows] 
  • Prussian Blue Iron protoxide sulphate and prussiate solution 
  • Mineral Blue Iron
  • Ultramarine Blue Lapis Lazuli 
  • Cobalt Cobalt 
  • Smalt Powdered cobalt glass 
  • Ash Blue Copper 
  • Indigo Vegetable 
  • Violet Charred iron peroxide Cassius purple and alumina 
  • Verdigris Copper acetate 
  • Scheele Green Copper arsenate 
  • Mountain Green Copper carbonate 
  • Chrome Blue Chromium protoxide 
  • Cobalt Blue (mineral) Cobalt and zinc 
  • Viridian Sulfate of lime and copper aceto-arsenite 
  • Green Earth silica, iron oxide 
  • Sap Green Unripe buckthom berries (lake) 
  • Cassel Earth [coal byproduct] 
  • Cologne Earth Natural earth darkened mostly with bitumen 
  • Umber Natural earth colored with ferric oxide, manganese dioxide plus a little bitumen 
  • Sienna Ochreous natural earth and manganese (bioxide?) hydrate 
  • Prussian Brown Charred Prussian Blue 
  • Asphaltum 
  • Bitumen 
  • Mummy Asphaltum and bone ash 
  • Yellow Lake Albumen colored with Avignon yellow grains 
  • Cadmium Cadmium sulfide 
  • Azure or smalt Powdered cobalt glass 

Group photos

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