Grow your artistic skills through our unique teaching method and project based classes and Workshops. These programs are designed to take your curiosity about art and turn it into a passion.



MasterClasses introduce students to a new painting technique in every class. These sessions are open to anyone interested in trying out new styles and ways of painting.

Hand sketching pottery

Intro to Drawing

Spark your passion for drawing in these two drawing sessions. Learn fun techniques that will get you excited to learn how to draw, as well as practicing and seeing a glimpse of your potential.

Group Coaching Class at Prima Materia Institute

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is for students to work on personal projects as they build their body of work. Our instructors are there to help along the way.


Prima Materia Workshop

The Prima Materia Workshop is a 6 hour painting workshop that focuses on teaching you how to reach creative freedom and much more. A must-do for beginners and advanced artists alike.

Figure Photography Workshop

Use your photo camera to photograph a nude live model to build a collection of photo references for your art. This workshop is great for artists that are looking to sell their works in the future.

Looking for more structured courses? Check out our educational programs

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