Losina Art Center is pleased to announce Team-Building Workshops, a new service that we are offering to corporations in San Diego. Inquiries and reservations: 619-630-9278


Whether you have to make decisions or perform office tasks on a daily basis, your work can begin to feel like a routine that has no room for creativity and true enjoyment. Excellent performance in any area can be called “art”, however, when the job becomes a daily routine, people may not see how “art” fits into the integrity and diligence expected from them. Then their performance becomes habitual and less satisfying for them. Employees begin to perceive their job as a chore, not as an opportunity to create extraordinary results. Through these transformational hands-on Team-Building Workshops, every participant will awaken their ability to see “the big picture”. People will discover that the job of their dreams is possible right where they are, and that the prosperity of the company depends on their outstanding performance, positive energy, and collaboration. In this bonding artistic experience, the group will get access to their creative potential, the ability to relate to other team members, see how they can be the catalysts of the company’s well-being, and recognize that creative approach and team work in the workplace bring greater satisfaction, joy, effortlessness, higher productivity, and happiness as a result.

We have had wonderful feedback from the participants of our workshops. These are the BENEFITS they observed from their experience:

  • Team building is a metaphor for how to appreciate each other, value the differences between people, respect each other’s opinions.
  • We had a feeling of bonding, saw that others were equally vulnerable.
  • Often in the corporate environment there is no real communication. These workshops make people real, allow them to see everyone’s human side. People feel like they know each other better.
  • It is a great community building.
  • This experience challenges your assumptions and brain patterns, develops cultural sensitivity, eliminates prejudices in terms of race, gender, age, status.
  • Workshop teaches how to release stress and inhibition, naturally, any time, without drugs or alcohol.
  • You don’t see others the same again when you go back to the office. You see a different, human side of your colleagues.
  • The brain switches to a different mode, and the person is able to maintain this creative state, multitask with stamina without getting fatigued.
  • Art creates synergy, the joy of working together.
  • You see that everybody looks at the same thing differently, that everyone’s point of view is valid.
  • It develops new channels of authentic communication.
  • Willingness to “color outside the lines”, seeking more creative ways to do your job.
  • Ability to perform in the most productive way without the fear of messing up or being criticized.
  • Mistakes are OK, a “mistake” may turn out to be a new approach, a valuable alternative, or even a breakthrough for the company.
  • Art affected the way you listen at corporate meetings, you appreciate where the speaker is coming from, hear his or her point of view, and are able to take your ego out of it.
  • Instead of carbon copy office workers, we came back as creative, energized, life-loving individuals.
  • The mind opens to see other brilliant ideas than your own.
  • It was an intellectual enrichment, enjoyable learning of the fundamentals of art, but most importantly – the realization that you matter, that you are talented.
  • Appreciation of the opportunity builds loyalty to the company that provided this painting experience, it is a fun way to build a team and enjoy the recreation.



We have developed our proprietary Losina method of accelerated training. This method is available only through Losina Art Center, it is not taught anywhere else. It powerfully opens the mind to seeing newly. The method is based on the brain studies and the psychological phenomenon of “artistic seeing”.
This method allows you to tap into that under-utilized potential of the “right brain” as an extraordinary resource that is normally not accessible by adults and sometimes not even recognized. This opening of the creative center of the brain produces phenomenal breakthrough in performance, energy, spirit, bonding, teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking in the company’s collective.



Team-Building Workshop is a special “right-brain” art training. It is the energizing group experience where the participants are learning to create, but not just paint or draw. The instructions are introduced in such a way that it allows the participants to see their “blind spots” while they grasp the concepts of art-making. “Learning to see” becomes a profound shift from “assumptions” and “perceptions” to the complete transformation of the mind. The method was created by artist-educator Olya Losina. The Losina method of accelerated learning has been the foundation for the art programs at Losina Art Center, that transform the mind of any person into a mind of an artist in a matter of hours. Team Building Workshops present a unique opportunity for companies, traditionally not connected to the arts, to experience how the art concepts can apply to business.
Team-Building Workshop is designed and conducted by Olya Losina to introduce the ability “to see” into the business environment. It is specifically intended for the individuals who did not choose art as their career or even as a hobby. Participants will begin to understand why the mind of an educated, successful professional is resisting being creative and why artists see the world differently. Participation in the Team-Building Workshop will reveal hidden artistic abilities in people who have never touched a paint brush. The surprising instructions will be perceived as “counter-intuitive”, which will be eye-opening for the group, and by practicing the special techniques, participants will experience the awakening of the creative center of the brain, right-brain artistic ability.

Team-Building Workshop can be conducted as a recreational activity, and this intention to just “have a good time” does not diminish its transformational power. Workshop(s) can be held:

  • At Losina Art Center. Our studio can accommodate up to 30 participants and allows working with paint.
  • For a larger group of 30-80 participants, we can conduct workshops in our conference room, where painting projects are possible.
  • At your office, conference / community room, recreation center. 10-60 participants. Projects can be based on painting or drawing, depending on the demands of a specific space or group.


Call us 619-630-9278 to discuss your objectives and details: location, number of participants, day and time, duration, subject matter / project (or a series of projects), art materials, live models, cost, and your company’s goals to be achieved.

For inquiries and to schedule your workshop, call 619-630-9278


“I wish I could express how I feel right now. It is an amazing experience. It is much more than drawing. It is a life experience. Thank you for a FANTASTIC day. This is not just learning to draw. This class is about your relationship with yourself, how you learn, what you do, how others see what you do, how you criticize what you do.”

Mike Packard, Computer Programmer

“I loved, loved, loved your workshop tremendously! I never painted before, you made it so easy!”

V., Timken Museum of Art Docent

“We have enjoyed one of the most fun and exciting classes we have ever attended. Olya’s instructions/rules were very ‘freeing’ for me. I felt ‘anything goes, good or bad, mistakes or no, just try it, and I loved every minute.  I’m sure we will all talk about this for a long time, it was such a memorable experience!”

Fran Howard, Team-Building Workshop Participant

“I have already received thanks from our group who had not taken art and were very happy to be invited. They had heard MUCH about these workshops. We got calls up to last minute from people, who had to be on a waiting list, as they were “over” our number. I hope we have another workshop soon, it just was so community-building! There was an interesting mix of us there, a real Diversity. Also, you were working so much with our minds, the counterintuitiveness of avoiding what our brain sees… I so enjoyed this learning experience! It was simply amazing and beautiful, with all of us there working as a group”.

Kathy Smith, Team-Building Workshop Participant

“Olya, thanks so much for the terrific workshop. You’re a great art teacher who has a genuine way to encourage students to bring out their best. I learned to see light, water and shapes in a whole new way today!”

Viraj Ward, Team-Building Workshop Participant

“I am so excited with what is manifesting; I too am “astonished”. And I have you, dear teacher, to thank for facilitating this creative breakthrough. There is total lack of fear. This process has touched me in my whole being in a way no other creative expression has. I don’t know where this process will lead me but I am so ready to embrace it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU”.

Paul Kauffman, Interior Designer

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