Hidden Messages

In-Person 2-Day Workshop


Monday, May 23 & Tuesday, May 24,
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time
(1-hour lunch break)


3350 Sports Arena Blvd, Suite A,
San Diego, CA 92110


$1200  $450

100% of the money to the last penny will be forwarded to the Ukrainian fund.


Limited space
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We have an opportunity to have a live, in-person, two-day painting workshop in the studio. Our goal is to HELP UKRAINE, and we invite you to participate!

This workshop will be special not only because it is our first live workshop since 2020, but also because it will be a multimedia experience.

In this workshop, you will:

– Brainstorm the meaning of words, translate them into Russian, using Google Translate
– Build complex surfaces with found items on canvas
– Meet a local Ukrainian artist who will share about her process of creating meaningful art
– Connect with a brave young artist in Russia via Skype to see how she fights the war in Ukraine using hidden messages in art as her secret weapon
– Create artworks, using paint and photo transfer to make a statement about the war in Ukraine.

To conclude the workshop, we will gather for a discussion of this eye-opening experience while enjoying famous Ukrainian borsh with a creative group of new, like-minded friends.     



It is easy to become numb and think that the war in Ukraine is “old news”, but for Ukraine, it is still current and relevant. We want to do what we can. We invite everyone who wants to contribute regardless of your artistic experience or your current or prior affiliation with our school! If you are interested, you are qualified. This workshop will help you create a great piece of art even if you are a beginner. As a seasoned artist, you will enjoy making a painting in just two days under the expert guidance of Ms. Losina. 

As you may know, Olya Losina, the founder of Prima Materia, is Russian. But what you probably don’t know is that a part of Olya’s family comes from Ukraine: her maternal grandmother Irina was born in the Ukrainian city of Luhansk. There she spent her youth; she spoke Ukrainian fluently; all her life she loved Ukrainian songs and Ukrainian poetry, and she passed on her love for that country to her grandchildren. Today Luhansk is occupied by Russian aggressors, who are trying to annex it from Ukraine. Art can change lives and transform the world. Artists can make a difference, and it is our mission to add our efforts to the massive amount of donations going to Ukraine, to save its people.     

“Many of my students or their family members have ancestral ties with Ukraine”, said Olya, “but regardless of personal connections, everyone I’ve been talking with, cares deeply about Ukrainian people, their freedom and independence, and want to help in any way possible. I decided to create this workshop as a major, one of a kind event, to enable those who want to help Ukraine, to do it through art”.

Inspiration For The Workshop

Cancellation Policy:

If you’re unable to attend the workshop, please give us a 48-hour notice prior to the start of the workshop for a refund.

After 48 hours, no refunds will be given.

You will receive a detailed supply list at checkout for your convenience.

This painting workshop is open to everyone, student or otherwise, beginner or experienced.

About the Fundraiser:

Ukraine has said cash is the most helpful way to contribute to their liberation. That’s why we are forwarding 100% of the funds to ____.

The Prima Materia studio will donate its premises to the event. Our entire team will be donating their time and working for free and will strive to give you the most fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

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