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Foundation Drawing Workshop

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Learn To Paint in One Day Workshop

Art Portfolio


Learn to Draw Fast and Easily

The Foundation Drawing Workshop will teach you how to see as an artist, giving you the ability to render any subject in your unique style. The workshop begins with the basics then transitions into teaching you the techniques of the Old Masters, making each step easy to digest for beginners.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to be able to draw anything that you want in one workshop.

Drawing Simplified

Learn how to use shading, composition, negative and positive shapes, tonal value, in one workshop. 

Beginner Friendly Classes

Explore a Variety of Styles

ArtLabs are unique 3-hour painting workshops that focus on a single subject or technique pioneered by influential artists. These energetic workshops will get you painting in new ways and will expand your artistic skills.

No previous art experience needed.

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Learn More Than Just Painting

Every ArtLab starts with a slideshow presentation that goes over the history of the technique/artist. Live demonstrations are also provided by the instructor to give beginners a better understanding of the technique.

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Art College Portfolio Program

Create a powerful portfolio for the art college of your dreams in 12 months or less. No prior art experience needed. Suitable for Beginner through Advanced.

Get Into Your Dream School

Create an art portfolio that showcases your unique voice and stand out from hundreds of thousands of other college applicants.

In this 12 month program, you will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting, gain skills that will last you a lifetime, and create a strong, 20 piece portfolio that is submission-ready. Step outside of your comfort zone and experience what it’s like to be a confident and competent artist.

Our instructors will work with you one-on-one to discuss your goals and interests. From there, you’ll begin to build and expand your art skills. As the Portfolio Program goes on, your projects will become more complex and more “you.” With 180 hours of full access to the studio, you’ll be able to start exploring with styles and techniques. Every time you’re in the studio, you’ll be working alongside other like-minded artists in a welcoming and encouraging environment.

About the School

Prima Materia Institute is a San Diego-based art school where you can enroll anytime. Become an artist in one year or less. Read about our teaching method here.

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