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Beginner Friendly Art Classes

Drawing Made Easy

Take the first steps to becoming a confident artist

If you’ve ever said “I can’t draw” or “I’d like to learn how to draw,” this class is for you. With step-by-step guidance, you will experience how easy drawing can be. It will blow your mind.

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  • Gain confidence in your skills
  • Realize that you can draw
  • Become comfortable with art
  • Get feedback on your progress
  • Create a drawing using professional techniques

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6-Week Art Courses

Explore a Variety of Styles

6-Week Art Courses are 1.5 hour drawing and painting courses that focus on a specific mediums, techniques, and subject matter. These classes will get you painting in new ways and will expand your artistic skills. New courses introduced every 6 weeks!

No previous art experience needed.

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  • Learn about Art History
  • Explore a new artistic direction
  • Practice a famous painting technique
  • Get personalized feedback on your progress
  • Get access to recordings of every class

Art College Portfolio Program

Get Into Your Dream School

Stand out from the thousands of applicants by creating a strong portfolio. Experience what it’s like to be a confident and competent artist. Join the community of other young, like-minded artists. No experience necessary to join this program.

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You will:

  • Create a 20-piece, submission-ready portfolio
  • Have one-on-one’s with our instructors
  • Gain skills that will last a lifetime
  • Develop your artistic uniqueness

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Explore the Prima Materia Artist directory and see what students are creating at the studio.

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