Essential Drawing Course for Beginners

Realistic Drawing Skill Building


Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m – 8:30 p.m



$55 – Single class 

$480 – Full course (12 classes)

Buy the full course, receive the Performance Guarantee – retake the course for free, for life. We guarantee you’ll learn how to draw.

Course Schedule

Click here for the course schedule. This printable schedule gives you a synopsis of what you’ll learn in each class and what materials to bring for the technique. 

The Essential Drawing Course for Beginners will:

  • build your drawing skills from scratch;
  • teach you to draw from both sides of the brain;
  • get you comfortable with drawing different subjects;
  • explore various drawing techniques.

This is a drawing course for absolute beginners to intermediate artists. You will learn to draw different subjects realistically, learn shading, composing, express objects in 3-D in accurate perspective, and make your drawings look finished and refined. Live demonstrations of the techniques are included.

The course consists of 12 classes, once-a-week. Each class is 2 hours.

This course has a recommended prerequisite – the 3-hour Foundation Drawing Workshop. Ages 15 to adult.


Everyone is a born artist, and so are you, whether you believe, know, feel it [to be one] or not. You’ve probably never seen a child who does not like to draw or believes that drawing is difficult. You were that child!

This series of drawing lessons will help you recall that joy and freedom of self-expression and awaken your sixth sense, while providing you the techniques to take you to the next level.

Each lesson is a stand-alone drawing project, where one specific technique is introduced. When you complete the course, you can advance to painting.

The materials you’ll learn how to use will be pencil, pen, conte crayon, charcoal, and oil pastel. 


  • Can I join any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of session?

You can join any time. Each class practices a stand alone technique – once you’ve taken all 12 classes, you’ll have the comprehensive knowledge on how to draw.

  • What if I have to miss a class?

We recommend not to miss any classes. However, if you must miss a class, you can take it once the Drawing Course restarts. The Drawing Course restarts every 12 weeks. 

  • What materials will I need?

Click here for the supply list. We do not supply materials.

  • What is the best store to buy drawing supplies?  

These drawing supplies are carried by many stores in town: Blick Art Store, Artist & Craftsman Supplies, Michael’s, Target, Walmart. You can also order them online through Blick.com, JerrysArtarama, or other online art suppliers.

  • I am a Member or a Portfolio student, do I have to pay extra for this course?

For members, you can take the Drawing Course as a part of your membership for no additional cost. For Portfolio students, The Drawing Course is included in Portfolio Program as it is a mandatory course for all Portfolio students. The returning graduates of the Portfolio Program, who had never taken this Drawing course before, pay just half of the cost of this course, according to our policy for the Portfolio alumni. 

  • What if I want to take the course again?

Good news! If you bought the full course, you can take them forever, for free! In order for you to become confident draftsman, we encourage you to repeat the techniques you liked in this Drawing Course. Practice is the mother of knowledge. The Drawing Course will restart after 12 weeks so you can have the opportunity to develop your drawing skills to the level of Mastery.

  • What is your approach to teaching?

We believe in an inherent artistic potential in every individual. Most people don’t know or believe in their artistic ability. Our mission is to elevate art education to the status of literacy and help people discover and explore that potential. We provide the training that helps everyone learn to draw. Our approach to achieving that is through deep learning. An analogue to our teaching method is how martial artists are trained – psychological conditioning and repetitive practice resulting in muscle memory and alignment of all the senses with flawless coordination. Artist has to have a super sense of self and being present to achieve and sustain that level of detachment. The artist is totally immersed in the moment, there is no future and no past, they are detached from the process of making, but immersed in the process of being. We accomplish this eye-mind-hand coordination (called the ability to see) by means of the special sequence of projects. Every person exposed to this training becomes a unique artist with a recognizable voice.

  • Do we get homework?

Yes, we encourage homework. It is not mandatory and we don’t grade you on it; we believe that you can build stronger drawing skills by means of practice. We recommend you continue working on the same project after class on your own and refine it to the level that satisfies you. That becomes your homework. After you learned and practiced the technique with the instructor, continuing it without the guidance will test how well you absorbed the material and clarify for yourself where you may want additional training.

  • I’ve been to the Foundation Drawing Workshop, loved it, and did some drawing at your place. Will this be the same information?

This Drawing Course will not be the same exercise as the Foundation Drawing Workshop. 

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