Essential Drawing Course for Beginners

Realistic Drawing Skill Building

Course Schedule

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See what you’ll learn in each class and what materials to bring for the technique.

Start the course on any Tuesday. There is rolling enrollment, as each session is a stand-alone class. The course restarts every 12 weeks. If you have to miss a class, you will be able to catch up when the course restarts or through recordings. Watching recordings do not take away from your live sessions.

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Tuesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Pacific Time

Join anytime! Rolling enrollment



$299 – Full course: 12 live online classes PLUS one bonus Figure Drawing session (13 live classes in all)

– Receive photo references for each technique
– Watch instructor demo
– See what other student’s are creating in class
– Ask questions & receive instructor critiques in real time

Learn all the drawing fundamentals that will help you draw realistically. This drawing course includes 12 online classes. The classes take place in real time every Tuesday at 6:30pm Pacific Time via Zoom.

The Essential Drawing Course for Beginners covers shading techniques, perspective, proportions, composition, tonality, refinement, etc. – all the skills you need to develop in order to draw life-like and accurate portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.

You’ll complete at least one drawing in each class, and will be encouraged to continue practicing with a home assignment that is provided after every session.

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Already a member? These classes are included in your membership: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


  • Can I join any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of session?

You can join any time. Each class practices a stand alone technique – once you’ve taken all 12 classes, you’ll have the comprehensive knowledge on how to draw.

  • What if I have to miss a class?

We recommend not to miss any classes. However, if you must miss a class, you can take it once the Drawing Course restarts. The Drawing Course for Beginners restarts every 12 weeks. 

  • What materials will I need?

Click here for the supply list. All supplies are linked to Amazon. You can also purchase materials at art stores such as Blick’s Art Supplies, Jerry’s Artarama, Michael’s, etc.

  • I am a Member or a Portfolio student, do I have to pay extra for this course?

For members and Portfolio students, you can take the Drawing Course as a part of your membership for no additional cost. 

  • What if I want to take the Essential Drawing Course for Beginners again?

Good news! The Drawing Course will restart after 12 weeks so you can have the opportunity to develop your drawing skills to the level of Mastery.

  • What is your approach to teaching?

We believe in an inherent artistic potential in every individual. Most people don’t know or believe in their artistic ability. Our mission is to help people discover and explore that potential. We provide the training that helps everyone learn to draw through our unique approach of deep learning. An analogue to our teaching method is how martial artists are trained – psychological conditioning and repetitive practice resulting in muscle memory and alignment of all the senses with flawless coordination. Artist has to have a super sense of self and being present to achieve and sustain that level of detachment. The artist is totally immersed in the moment, there is no future and no past, they are detached from the process of making, but immersed in the process of being. We accomplish this eye-mind-hand coordination (called the ability to see) by means of the special sequence of projects. Every person exposed to this training becomes a unique artist with a recognizable voice.

  • Do we get homework?

Yes, we give assignments at the end of every class in the Essential Drawing Course for Beginners. This is independent study, and we highly encourage students to draw on their own. It is not mandatory and we don’t grade you on it; we believe that you can build stronger drawing skills by means of practice.  

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