Tonal Value’s Importance in Art

The Importance of Tonal Value At first glance, the concept of tonal value may seem “vague and insignificant”; but it is one of the most important concepts in art. It seems easy, but it is [...]


Know Your Drawing Materials

Let’s rewind a bit, and go back to the very basics of our supplies. It’s important to understand your materials as knowing your materials will better equip you to using them to their full [...]


How To Spray Drawings with Fixative

How To Spray Your Drawing with Fixative Correctly Have a few drawings made with charcoal or pastels? If you haven’t sprayed them with fixative yet, you’re probably worried about smudging them. [...]


How To Look at Art in a Museum

HOW TO LOOK AT ART in a museum and have a meaningful experience – for art lovers, art students, and beginner artists. No matter the art you do – contemporary, abstract, mixed media, [...]


How To Paint Safely with Oil Paints

We’ve had a lot of artists come in, interested learning how to paint with oils. We love oils, and we encourage you to explore new mediums. However we often see artists unaware of the health risks [...]