How To Look at Art in a Museum

HOW TO LOOK AT ART in a museum and have a meaningful experience – for art lovers, art students, and beginner artists. No matter the art you do – contemporary, abstract, mixed media, [...]


How To Paint Safely with Oil Paints

We’ve had a lot of artists come in, interested learning how to paint with oils. We love oils, and we encourage you to explore new mediums. However we often see artists unaware of the health risks [...]


What Are MasterClasses?

What Are MasterClasses?   MasterClasses are a series of high energy, technique based art classes. We recently launched the idea of technique based classes in order to constantly introduce [...]


Why We’re Passionate About Teaching Art

We’re passionate about teaching art for more reasons than it being fun or cheaper than therapy (as some of our students put it). We believe the teaching of art is the teaching of all things. If [...]


Composition & WHY it’s so important

  Composition is the first step to developing a piece with any artwork. Before putting paint on a brush, you have to sit down and think, “what is my objective?” Composition is the way you, [...]

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