Painting Supplies

  • Acrylic paints
    • The absolute necessity is the 5x75ml (primary colors plus black and white), however if you’d like to treat yourself, get more colors!
  • Bristle or hair brushes
  • Freezer paper (cut your own size) or palette paper (cut your own size)
  • Canvas (size is up to you, I recommend 16x20in)
  • Field Easel (optional)
    • If you have wall space to hang canvas or paper on, you won’t need this. I am recommending a field easel because you can set it on a table for small scale pieces or you can fold it out, take it outside and paint plein air or use it for larger paintings. Granted, it’s a bit more expensive than a regular table easel, but it’s much more versatile.
  • Airtight palette container (optional)

Drawing Supplies

  • Mixed Media Drawing pad
    • I’m recommending a mixed media pad because that way, if you decide to do watercolor, play with markers, or create mixed media art pieces – you can! It also has a nice gritty texture for graphite and charcoal. If you want a regular drawing pad, click here.
  • 2 4B pencils – If you only want 4B, I would recommend going to the store, as online has mostly sets of 10-12.
  • Eraser (set of 3, kneaded, ArtGum, and plastic eraser)
  • Sharpener
  • Charcoal, conte crayon, pastels (optional)
  • Paper stumps for blending (optional)
  • Recommended – Set of everything – pencils, charcoals, paper stumps, sharpener, etc.
  • Workable Fixative Spray
    • This is needed if you’re working in charcoal, conte crayon, or dry pastels. You don’t need to spray oil pastels. If you want to learn how to spray your drawings, click here to read our how-to article.
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