Build an impressive art portfolio in less than a year. Develop your artistic ability at an accelerated rate and get into the college of your dreams!

Personalized For You

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The College Portfolio Program begins with a one-on-one session to customize the program for your objectives, time constraints and targeted schools. After the consultation, you will begin to build your artistic skills with personalized drawing and painting projects and assignments. The program gives you 180 hours of classroom instruction where you’ll learn how to draw and paint. Create an impressive body of work that will wow colleges and set you above competition.

Step 1: Submit Your Inquiry

The Portfolio Program starts with a consultation: this is your opportunity to meet our team, ask questions, and see if the Portfolio Program is right for you.

The consultation is free and non-committal.

Step 1: Submit Your Inquiry

If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll begin with a one-on-one consultation with one of our instructors to discuss your goals and deadlines. You’ll be able to join classes and courses to begin skill building right away.

Step 3: Curation of Your Portfolio

Throughout the year, you’ll have created more than 50 artworks that are potential portfolio submissions. With the help of our instructors, your portfolio will be curated for each school.



Schedule a free online consultation and find out if this is the right program for you.

Compare Prima Materia's Portfolio Program to Others

Prima Materia’s Portfolio Program RISD Pre-College Summer Program Ringling’s Pre-College Summer Program
Create Art For a Portfolio Yes Yes Yes
Program Length One Year 6 Weeks 4 Weeks
Individualized Curriculum Yes No No
Intimate Class Sizes Yes No No
Artist Statement Development Yes No $3.00
Portfolio Curation Yes No $6.00
Help with Submission Yes No $20.00

99% Acceptance Rate

The only art college portfolio program with a 90+% acceptance by art institutions nationwide. Below are some of the colleges our students have been accepted to.

Benefits Beyond College Admission

Not only do we help you get accepted into art college, but our Portfolio Program will also prepare you for the college experience. You will enter your first year with confidence knowing that you’ve already performed at a college level. You will become familiar with developing concepts behind your art, creating cohesiveness, and showcasing and discussing your work through presentations and art critiques.

After Completing The Prima Materia Art Portfolio, You Will:

  • Know what to expect in a college art class
  • Excel academically
  • Build confidence in yourself as an artist
  • Gain recognition from your professors for your artistic maturity
  • Be well on your way to a professional art career

Prima Materia and our classes are always here for our grads. Portfolio alumni can continue to access Prima Materia’s support throughout and after college. 

We frequently have our grads come back during the summer to take classes and prepare for exhibitions. Students tell us that our classes provide fun and inspiration outside the required college courses. For example, Valentina, a 2020 Portfolio Grad and currently enrolled at UAL, recently attended a coaching class that sparked an idea for a major project in her college class.

List of Colleges

Interview with a Program Graduate

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Fill out this form to learn more about the Portfolio Program. You can also schedule a free consultation to ask any questions and see if the Portfolio Program is right for you.

The consultation will give us an idea of what your art experience is like and what you’ll need to do in order to be ready for your submission date.


Complete this form to schedule a call to discuss your goals today.


Fill out this form to schedule a call with us to talk about your goals and find out if the program is right for you.

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