College Portfolio Examples

Unique Portfolios for Unique People

You’ll notice every art portfolio example below is different – not only in the artwork itself (whether the artist preferred landscapes or portraits or abstract), but also in the style (realistic, sketchy, colorful, muted colors). This is because our curriculum is designed to cultivate each students’ individuality. We understand that every student has different goals, interests, and characteristics and our specialty is to cultivate that.

The best way to stand out from your competition is to be authentic and we’ve mastered the ability to bring authenticity into students’ art making without the student copying or emulating other’s styles to pass as their own.

Adrian G. Art Portfolio

Adrian had no art experience before joining the Portfolio Program. He received a $200k merit scholarship from SAiC but picked his dream school, USC.

Tasha L. Art Portfolio

Tasha was accepted to his top college, Laguna College of Art & Design. 

Jeremy H. Art Portfolio

Jeremy joined the Portfolio Program with no drawing skills. In less than a year, he was not only accepted to Gnomon, his dream school, he was also the youngest student to be accepted into the university. His high school art teacher applied to the same school and did not get in!

Linley B. Art Portfolio

Allisson Mogin’s Art Portfolio

Veena B. Art Portfolio

Veena didn’t know how to draw or paint before enrolling in the Portfolio Program. She was accepted into Parsons NY and was invited to attend Parsons Paris for the first two years of college.

Andrea F. Art Portfolio

Allison G. Art Portfolio

Kate C. Art Portfolio

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Graduate Testimonials

We used to go by Losina Art Center, now we’re known as Prima Materia Art Institute.

Different name, the same Portfolio Program!

 Have Colleges Compete for You

Our College Portfolio Program gives students the tools to create a professional looking portfolio. All of our Portfolio Program graduates have been accepted to multiple schools of their choice with the portfolios they created in the program.


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